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Being alone is unhealthy

Dr. Ankur
July 8, 2010

Staying away for a while free of any people, work and disturbing factors is the desire of many but if it becomes chronic then it can in turn enact hazardous ruining all spheres of life. Recent studies reveal that with modern day lifestyles and schedules loneliness has become an integral part of many lives around and is giving birth to many ailments. The term particularly applies to working couples who hardly spend any time together and are most of the time away. Also it applies to housewives who restrain within the four walls and may suffer consequences or else a single elderly who may keep sitting through the day and slowly develop the symptoms.

To begin is depression, for obvious reasons a person sitting all alone after a while comes over the hobbies and television section and keep thinking of his / her past or ill treatments. These on regular basis can turn quiet turmoil in anyone and loneliness triggers the process making the individual feeling more and more helpless. Many a times a feeling of not being cared upon comes into existence and this leading to enhanced trouble.

Phobia, with an extensive long term loneliness developing social phobia is a possible hazard. Here an inferiority is likely to develop and the feels odd in a crowd.

Weight gain or weight loss, sitting at home doing nothing and all alone is frequently reported with either weight gain or weight loss. Often to satisfy people keep eating and are tend to develop bulk. Obesity brings along all its unavoidable after maths such as hypertension, diabetes, heart issues etc. Weight loss is another opposite possibility where with constant brooding there is no feeling to eat anything at all. Shrivelled ill nourished deprived of all vital nutrients is the outcome.  

Substance abuse; within the periphery of unchecked domain most are likely to fall prey to various addictions. Alcohol, smoking or some sedative to cool off can all be the variations. Their regular use brings along an added package of suffering in form of liver problems, respiratory difficulties or insomnia respectively.     

Further technology addiction is another modern world hazard that restricts one within the small monitor. With social networks like face book, twitter take an individual’s lot of time leaving no space for the real world. There may be times when one may be so involved in the virtual world that he /she hardly finds any interest in others.

Broken relationships; the condition with loneliness often becomes convoluted and complex leading to disharmony. Here a lonely person expects a lot but when it is not fulfilled the mind set shatters badly ruining a step further. Here the other members need to understand and not act hasty. A suffering person needs a shoulder to lie down and believe yes someone is there.

Being lonely can’t be measured on any lab investigation or test but it surely is in existence forming the root cause of many diseases. It is the near ones who need to understand and work accordingly. You may love them but express and nurture them accordingly and never let them fade in dark lonely clouds

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