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I am a sex addict

Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad
May 5, 2010

A homoeopathic paediatrician, a counselling expert and a freelance writer are a few words to describe my profession. My sole aim is to put forth practical piece of information that guides every one right in the direction, blending the medicos to a layman with a simple gesture to make the medical things a little less convoluted and comprehendible.


No matter how the medical field may present and put forth the depletion of sexual desires with age, but it is practically experienced and observed that all age groups are some way or the other are afflicted by sexual fancies. For kids it comes as an amusing sensation with the discovery of newer pleasing sensations, for youth the act is passionate and aggressive whereas for olds the sexual activities high up and shape up in intimate talks, dating etc. Though physical involvement may not be possible either due to adolescent age or restricted movement in case of elderly but the mind set for sure is inclined. The normal sex existence is ought to be there but it becomes necessary to check when it tends to take an undesired path. The bottom line here lies to realise the common bonding or the involvement to a level of addiction.

Does sex addiction prevails

Sex addiction is a condition not much talked about and addressed by our societies but studies reveal its deep existence within the periphery despite of many unknown cases that usually don’t turn up for help on account of being ashamed or with a fear to accept their predator.    For sure the disease is very much in the vicinity and needs to immediately ponder over for a better living.

What is sex addiction?

In simple words the condition can be defined as the compulsive sexual behaviour of an individual resulting in negative impacts in all other spheres of life. Here an individual compromising his / her professional career, family and friends keep on taking up the negative activities. Also all the daily routine work is too negated to practice the cosy deeds.

Who is a sex addict?

Here only intercourse is not the only criteria to be addict, its sphere is huge including masturbation, exhibitionism, pornography, web sex, prostitutions, forced sex with partner and frequent night stands.

How will the addict present?

The individual will realise his / her weakness and will always find himself / she engulfed with it. There is a constant fidgety in absence of a sexual partner. Also there will be continuous desire to resist sex and related activities. Usually a patient feels guilty after the act but then again gets involved later. Often these present with a positive personal history of sexual abuse or else a compulsive behaviour running in families.

How to diagnose?

The condition here can’t be measured with the number of times a person gets involved in sexually, it is only marked when the sexual activities forces a person to leave on his / her work and family with all their negative impacts. Simply if person enjoys sex thrice in night doesn’t mean he / se is an addict but if the sex constantly forces the individual to take leaves in order to fulfil filthy demands then it surely needs to be mulled over.

What to do?

The primary step here lies to accept the condition within oneself and say yes to treatments including psychotherapy and relaxation sessions. The nearby family should make all the efforts to support and get them involved in more fruitful activities such as sports or gardening.

The above is mere glimpse of the hazardous condition, it is in existence and needs to be treated; running away will only complicate. 


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Posted By : Donald         on :April 17, 2017

Hello, I am Donald and I am also a sex addict, I generally Buy Generic Viagra to fulfill my sex desire.

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