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Stress free life in 10 easy steps

Dr. Shikha khandelwal
July 1, 2010

I am a homoeopathic doctor, who passionately follows this wonderful art.

Stress free life in 10 easy steps


Stress has become an integral part of today’s life. We are the likely cause of much of the anxiety, pressure and hurriedness we experience every day. Though most of life’s complications appear to be beyond our control, but if we look at it honestly the way we take it and tackle determine how they affect our lives. These simple steps will help you reclaim a more enjoyable, relaxed and enriching existence in much the same way it was lost – inch by inch, on multiple battlefronts of your life; work, home, family, personal relationships, finances, health etc.


  1. Do one thing at a time

Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on to the next thing. Multitasking may work for computers, but humans have yet to get hang of it. It leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance. Give what you are doing undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. And enjoy the experience.


  1. Please get the amount of sleep you need

You can’t cheat sleep. What you don’t get in rest you will pay for in diminished alertness, poorer performance, drowsiness and irritability. And you will have to make up your sleep debt anyway. Get into the habit of knocking off early; get a good night sleep and start the day rested, refreshed and ready to do your best.


  1. Accept that people think differently than you do

You could spend your entire life trying to win over people to your point of view. The simple truth is, you won’t. At least, not everyone. Even if you present the most logical, rational, airtight arguments, some people will never see your way. May be they are proud, stubborn, stupid or in some instances - did you ever stop to think? – Right. Don’t waste your time trying to convert the diehards. Instead, work with them, live with them, respect their differences, and be thankful the world isn’t full of people exactly like you.


  1. Make changes in your life gradually

No crash diets. No sudden, intense workout programs. No radical overhauls of who and what you are. You might maintain it for a while, but it can’t last. True change takes lot of small, mindful, subtle decisions over that add unto bigger, more enduring transformations. They are less disruptive to you and everyone else, and inevitably get the results you want. Be patient. If you are really intent on change, you should develop the staying power to achieve it without having to act rashly. Do it by degrees.


  1. Don’t always feel you have to be doing something

There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to set aside some time each day just to do that. Nothing. Sit and relax. Or take a stroll. Block out all the clutter in your mind. And then let it wander. At first, you may become anxious, thinking of it as a downtime - wasted moments when you could be accomplishing something. But guess what? You are accomplishing something. You are freeing up your mind. Getting control of yourself. Learning that living is just not doing . . but being. Cut yourself some slack now and then and enjoy some good, salutary nothing time.


  1. Accept that life can be awkward at times

No matter how carefully you plan things, or imagine they will turn out, or believe they are supposed to be . .some events will leave you confused, uneasy or out of kilter. And you can’t explain why? May be it’s your mood, alignment of planets, the weather, your physical condition or a combination of things.  In any case accept these messy awkward situations as part of your life and have faith that things will soon fall back into sync. And you know they will.


  1. Open the closed doors of your life

A closed door is: I can’t do that. That’s not me. I am too old. It’s too late. I am too busy. I don’t know enough about it. They won’t take me seriously.

Remove these artificial barriers to greater joy and accomplishment. Cross the threshold to enriching new experience. Make the investment in time and effort to rise above the dull routine of your life to develop new talents, forge new friendships and strike out in new directions. The only real obstacle is you. Recognise this. Just open the door (there are no locks) and walk through.


  1. Take responsibility of your own life

It is easy to blame family members, co-workers, governments, and everybody else when things don’t go right for you. In fact, pointing the finger has become one of the more unattractive traits of our society. Don’t hide behind a litany of excuses and accusations; instead take responsibility for the choices and decisions you make. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to recognise your mistakes, correct them and move on to better things.


  1. Take it to the next level

When something goes wrong, try to avoid getting mired in the usual reactions of anger, frustration, disappointment, and despair. Instead, hoist yourself to another level- one of understanding, acceptance and fortitude. Say to yourself – Yes, this is tough, but if I can meet the challenge and get through it – and I will – and not only will I have dealt with this problem, I will be that much stronger to tackle an even worse should come along. Sure, it’s not easy. But if you ratchet up your reactions to strife a notch or two, and meet it squarely, you will come out of it in much better shape.


10.  See the humour in things

Life can be very funny. But if you are constantly stressed out or harried, you can miss much of the fun going on around you. Why deny yourself this delightful and rejuvenating aspect of your life? Try to remain in good spirits even when confronted by aggravating circumstances. Laugh at your mistakes and encourage others to laugh at theirs, too. Humour is contagious, and a readiness to laugh an endearing and beneficial quality. A little laughter can go in a long way toward lightening up a business meeting, easing a tense relationship or getting you through a tough time. Have a good chuckle.



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